What is Metrical
Metrical is a privacy-first website analytics tool.
We created Metrical just because we wanted a better (and more private) way to track visits without exposing our visitors' and users' privacy or selling their data.

I (Francesco, the creator of Metrical) worked as a developer on a web agency for 7 years. Every time I shared the google analytics data with the clients I needed to spend some hours explaining what the data meant and how to search the data in all the different pages and sections. Metrical is designed on this experience to be as straight-forward as possible, with simple explanations on what the metrics means and only 4-5 different values for page.

We created Metrical to be used on our sites and adapted it based on our needs both as visitors of websites and as data analysts, so we know what a user want from some web analytics and how to show it in the most useful way.

Lots of web analytics use shady methods to track their users and then sells their data to third parties. We want to create a tool that respects the user privacy (both our users and all the visitors that will be tracked by Metrical) and at the same time can't be used to sell personal data to third parties, because we don't store any personal data of our visitors.

No, Metrical is not free. We have lots of costs to keep the server running and that's because we ask for a subscription to start using it. In this way, we don't need other ways (read: sell your data, or ask for money to VC) to cover the costs.
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