Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for Metrical ( and all the other subdomains and websites that we own and operate.

We want to keep it simple and we don't want to hide behind long paragraphs of text, small lines or difficult words.

We care about you and your data.

We created Metrical just because we wanted a better (and more private) way to track visits without exposing our visitors' and users' privacy or selling their data.

We only ask for data that we will try need and use to give you a great service. If for any reason we will start collect some information that we (or the law) think it's personal, we will let you know.

Also, we don't share or sell any personal information of you or your visitors to third-party, except when required by law. We'll also protect these data to prevent loss, use, modification or theft from people or companies that doesn't work with us.

What we collect

We already have a list of all the (few) things that we track and save on our servers of the visitors of Metrical and of your websites.

Here is a list of things that we save of our users. We will update this list as soon as we will need some other personal data. (Last update: 03 February 2020).

  • Email address: this is the only way to identify our users. We will use the email address to send daily or weekly recaps of your websites and also to send updates about the user's subscription or some big updates about Metrical (planned downtimes, changes of this privacy policy...).

    We won't send you any newsletter.

  • Name: we need your name to personalize your experience on metrical. You can also put a fake name or only your first name if you prefer.

  • Timezone: we need this to group in the best way the data in our charts and also to understand what is the best moment to send our daily/weekly recaps.

  • The date of the last visit on our dashboard: this is useful to understand if our paying users are using the service or they forgot about it, and in case ask if they want to cancel the subscription.

  • All payments data are handled securely by Stripe and we don't have any information about your credit/prepaid cards on our server.

If you have any questions about how we handle user data and personal information, feel free to contact us.

If you continue to use our website we will assume that you accept our privacy policy and our practices for the handling of your personal information.

This policy is effective as of 01 February 2020.

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