How to track events

You can add Events to custom actions done by your users on your website.

Every time a user does an action, Metrical tracks that Event and displays it on the events tab of your Website dashboard. Here are some examples of Events that you can track:

  • When a user clicks on a specific button;

  • When a user completes a payment;

  • When a user downloads something (a pdf, an e-book, etc...).

How to track an event

It's really easy: just call inside your page (assuming you have already added the Metrical script)


With the type of event that you added when you created the event on Metrical.

Every event will be associated with the nearest visit of that user, so that you can filter events by any visit field.

For example, if you filter only the visits that have as referrer and you go to the Events tab, you will also see only the events that are connected to one of those visit.

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