What we track

We are proud to collect only the bare minimum to give our users useful data but at the same time we don't store personal informations about your visitors.

Here is a list of what we do collect from your visitors:


We store the URL of the current page viewed by your visitors. This will be useful to understand what pages are most visited on your website.

We store only the pathname, we don't store any query parameter (except ref=, source and utm_source= that will be used for some better referrers in the future - still WIP but will be available before the beta ends)

So for a URL like this:

We will only store (and use for our dashboard) only this:


We store the referrer (the website or application that generated the visit) to let you know where your visitors come from.

After store the referrer, we will analyze it and store it as one of 3 types:

  • Direct visit, if there isn't a referrer. Please note that lots of email clients doesn't send a referrer when you click on a link, so it could be that some visits coming from newsletters may fall under this category.

  • Organic: visits from search engine. Right now we place in this category visits from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Ecosia, Baidu, Yahoo and Coccoc.

  • Referrers: visits from every other referrers.

Device Width

We store the device width of the device of your visitors to let you know if your website is used more from a mobile device, a tablet or a laptop.


We store the timezone of your visitors to estimate the country of the visit. For example: if a visitors have a Europe/Rome timezone, we assume that your visitor is from Italy 🇮🇹.

Do not Track

Do not Track is a settings in some browsers that, when you visit a website, ask the website to not track you. Unfortunately it's not really supported.

Metrical will honour the Do not Track setting and we don't send the visit when we find the do not track flag enabled.

If you wish to know more about 'Do not Track' and how to enable it on your browser, visit https://allaboutdnt.com/

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