Custom Domain
Sometimes Ad-blockers will block our domain in order to try to give their users a better privacy and navigation. As we said it before, we don't store any personal information about visitors of your site, but we offer a solution about this problem: you can setup a subdomain of your main domain to serve the metrical script and calls.
With this solution, Ad-blockers won't block our script and calls and you will be able to use Metrical as normal.

Open your domain provider (Godaddy, Namecheap, ect) and add a subdomain of your choice with a CNAME record pointing to (add also the last dot .)
Something like this:
Then, add the exact subdomain (without https:// or http://) to the settings page of an application on Metrical. This is necessary to obtain a SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt, so your data (and the visits of your users will be safe and protected by HTTPS.

Change to your custom domain inside the tracking script, and also add the host property inside the metrical object.
Like this:
window.metrical = {
"app": "Your website UUID",
"host": ""
<script async
After that, you are ready to go!
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